Healing Treatment

Through treatment with the divine frequency AUNDA the body receives the necessary light frequency, which dissolves blocks in the meridian system, so that energy can flow freely again. In addition, AUNDA purifies and clears up the energy field.

A frequency treatment with AUNDA relaxes the body, strengthens the immune system, and balances the chakras. Patterns can dissolve. The light frequency AUNDA supports the body’s defenses and reinforces self-confidence so that self-healing strengths are activated in the body and healing can take place.

The healing treatment is carried out without direct body contact. The frequency giver follows the particular treatment course that is part of Attilio Ferrara’s Teaching. During the treatment the client may experience the frequency as warmth and as prickling or pulsating sensations. Good relaxation and faith in the healing are optimal prerequisites for the perception of the divine frequency. The openness for AUNDA causes a lasting change in all cells.

For optimal profound healing work, the first treatment should take place on site with the AUNDA-healer. By doing so, the client shows the readiness to take the first step for him-/herself. Possible follow-up treatments can be carried out at a distance.

„The divine principle means to be in the center.
AUNDA does not know any limits.“
Attilio Ferrara
Important note

All offered methods do not replace any treatment by a physician, an alternative health practitioner or a psychotherapist. They serve to activate self-healing strengths, to influence the healing process positively, and to promote and to uphold health. They are used for prevention or in addition to medical treatment or therapy.

Only physicians and alternative health practitioners give medical diagnoses.